Michelangelo – Giants of the High Renaissance

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Portrait of Michelangelo (1535) By Marcello Venusti.  Casa Buonarroti Florence, Italy.
Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
(March  6, 1475 Caprese, near Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy – Feb 18, 1564  Rome, Papal States, Italy) (aged 88)
Nationality: Italy
Category: Art workers
Occupation: Sculptor, Architect, Painter, Poet
Specification: One of the giants of the High Renaissance, who exerted the greatest influence on the development of Western art.
Gender: Male

Read More: https://geniusrevive.com/en/

Pietà 1499

Source: http://www.wga.hu/index.html


Last Judgment  1537-41


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