Gustav Fechner – Founder of psychophysics

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Gustav Theodor Fechner

(April 19, 1801, Groß Särchen, near Muskau, Lower Lusatia, (now  Żarki Wielkie in commune Trzebiel, Poland) – November 28, 1887, Leipzig, Germany) (aged 86)
Nationality: Germany
Category: Scientists
Occupation: Psychologist, philosopher, physicist and writer.
Specification: Founder of psychophysics, one of the founders of modern experimental psychology
Gender: Male
Gustav Fechner Quotes:
1. Those only have had great influence in the world who have recognized the spiritual tendency of the time in which they lived and have directed their free action and thought into that tendency.
2. Man lives on earth not once, but three times: the first stage of his life is his continual sleep; the second, sleeping and waking by turns; the third, waking forever.
3. A Goethe, a Schiller, a Napoleon, a Luther, still live among  us, thinking and acting in us, as awakened creative individuals…
4. The mind of man is alike indistinguishably his own possession and that of the higher intelligences, and what proceeds from it belongs equally to both always, but in different ways.
5.  Have the best constantly in mind, and be careful only that the memory that you yourself are to leave behind shall be a blessing to you in the future.
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